Coachella 2007 Kicked my ASS 

Coachella was by far one of the best hurt so good experiences for me. Ever.

Coachella 2007 lineupHighlights:

  • The music, of course.
  • Sleeping in tents and hearing every word said in the tents next to me
  • Falling asleep fast and sleeping hard because I was so utterly exhausted
  • Drinking water all day long and barely peeing.
  • Waking up sometime around 2 AM on Saturday to helicopters flying overhead with loudspeakers like it was War of the Worlds
  • The Tesla coils
  • The Doo Lab
  • Getting wet any chance I got

Coachella 2007 kicked my butt for days. I was so exhausted that I barely remember driving home from Indio to my apartment in L.A.

coachella_2004_086 02_coachella_34 dscn08130030 dscn08120029 dscn08060024 dscn07950016 dscn07840009


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