The Art of Good Communication: Honesty

No doubt we all meet people throughout our lives that we have great conversation with. Conversations so engaging that we can’t wait for the opportunity to talk to them again. People with whom we call immediately when our world goes sideways and those we can always count on to make us feel better, even if it’s just to offer a listening ear. For me, these people are the ones who are the most transparent, the most honest in sharing who they really are. I don’t have time, or the patience, for meaningless, surface conversation. I would rather talk to a stranger in the grocery store for an ounce of honesty, at the very least, than to maintain a conversation with someone who can’t even delve deeper than the weather. It’s just who I am. My parents are both communicators; so naturally, I seek out the same kind of people for which to spend my time with.

Sometimes communication is difficult for people. And I have determined that the art of good communication lies in honesty and even vulnerability. Having the ability to “put it all out there” creates an environment for you to communicate openly and effectively. When there are no boundaries, no walls, no insecurities (what will they think, how will they react, etc.) the flow of good, honest communication takes place naturally. I think we all need a reminder from time to time regarding the importance of proper communication. And when we can determine that we aren’t communicating effectively with someone, don’t be so quick to assume the problem lies in WHAT WE ARE saying, but rather, in what we AREN’T saying.


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