Gentrification Begins in Bushwick Brooklyn

“Today the neighborhood is filled with the sounds of jackhammers and dump trucks. That could only mean one thing: Gentrification in Progress. There are two buildings on just my street that are in complete renovation mode, pulling out all the stops and tearing out concrete to make room for grass and flowers. It’s really quite an amazing sight to see a “ghetto” being transformed into a place that will someday be another overpriced neighborhood full of The Village population overflow.

Perhaps Bushwick will someday be appealing to the fickle snoots that at one time wouldn’t even consider taking a train further than one stop out of Manhattan. The way I see it, the recession has been good for the aesthetics of Brooklyn’s low-income neighborhoods. But when Manhattan residents are forced to move into areas of Brooklyn because the rental rates in The City are too expensive for matchbox-sized apartments, the rents will go up here in Brooklyn, forcing the low-income, hard working residents who have been here for generations to go…where??? Of course I’m concerned, these are people I’ve grown close to, gotten to know and in many ways consider true friends.

There are price-conscious, economically smart people out here in Brooklyn. We get large apartments for half of what The City pays, we have discount stores and don’t get bent over for a sandwich at the corner deli. We pay $4 for a turkey on rye in Brooklyn that people in Manhattan pay $8 for. But how long will we be able to outsmart and outrun the city and the climbing rental rates?

Seeing all of the renovations take place are nice. I love to see old buildings transformed to their original glory. But there is a sour part of me that wants to keep it all a secret. I don’t want to see authenticity tainted by the fickle who never saw it’s beauty in the beginning; those who weren’t here when it wasn’t so pretty on the outside”.


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