How Love is Like a Rose


Flowers have their own seasons and time for growth, blooming, death and rebirth. Most flowers bloom in the Spring, naturally, with the right amount of sun, warmth and water.
When I was a little girl, I remember wondering what would happen if I forced open a rose bud. I picked the little pink rose and began to gently peel open the first layer of green to reveal the swirling pink petals underneath. Some of the petals tore as I opened it and some were just unwilling to separate from the others. Layer upon layer, I tried to peel each petal back to reveal the next layers, but when I was done, it looked nothing like the giant, beautiful blooms on the bush that had had their weeks in the sun and the morning dew to open naturally. The bud I had in my hand just wasn’t ready yet, even though I was ready and impatient.
When a flower is a bud, it is essential to wait out the process before the bud opens up to become a full bloom. In its natural timing, the bud will flourish on its own to reveal itโ€™s true beauty and if you force it open, you will have nothing but a ruined flower that never had a chance to live up to its full potential. I have learned the parallel truth to this analogy is the same in our relationships.
Timing, natural progression, patience and nurturing are essential to the outcome of a relationship. It is important to realize where our hearts are, where our lives are in retrospect to where our expectations are. We cannot expect a positive outcome to a situation we are โ€œforcing openโ€. We must allow our love relationships to happen organically, be patient and mindful or else risk the chance of great damage to an otherwise beautiful bloom.
The good news is we learn. Never again did I force my will upon nature the way I did that day with the rose. Although some relationships aren’t repairable, we are, if we want it. Blooms come back again in the next season of our lives and we always have the chance to be patient and wait for the beauty to unfold naturally.


Bloom your heart open and create the space for love in abundance. When you hit your personal note and highest frequency of LOVE, you send out a vibration that draws in everything that is integral for your highest truth.

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