Take the Leap, The Net Will Follow.

We have all found ourselves in sticky situations where it feels like it’s going to be harder to walk away than we give ourselves credit for. It’s in those moments when we need to let our body and mind go into “auto pilot” and just start walking.

A friend of mine once told me a story about an unhealthy relationship she was involved in for a year.  The man who lived with her was a drug abuser and his habit was really beginning to affect her life.  She was a creative, compassionate and forgiving soul but in her efforts to love and comfort him, she was slowing being chiseled away at.

One morning after an argument with her boyfriend, she decided to take her morning coffee and go for a walk.  She started walking down her street, and minutes turned into hours. Steps turned into miles.  She, along with her cup, just kept walking.  She never went back. She allowed her body and spirit to take charge of her that morning and her life changed for the best.  She ended up at a strangers home (who quickly became a great friend) where she crashed for a few days.  A few months later, she was free of the burden and her life as an artist really began to take shape.

Even though many might find this story crazy, the lesson here is: she let go, allowed herself to wander into unknown territory, and  life opened up. The stones in her path materialized with every step she took. She took the leap and the net followed.

It takes a lot of guts to fully trust our instincts at times but I must tell you, that gut feeling is your higher (wiser) self, the self that is not attached to the feelings, the emotions, the fears. It is the voice of reason, the same voice we’d use to give a friend or family member advice. Don’t argue with it or try to reason with it. Trust it. Don’t think for a second you’re making the wrong choice. There is no wrong choice, only love.  Whenever you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, alarmed or whatever negative feeling you’re experiencing, it is your natural, built-in defense mechanism urging you to move forward or away for your own well-being, whether physical, mental or emotional.

Moving into unfamiliar waters without fear is hard sometimes but you must trust that your best interests are in mind, and that life will open up for you. Nobody knows you better than your (higher) self.



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