The #1 Reason Why Your Life is “Complicated”

We often hear others tell us that “Life is complicated”. Life is not complicated. Life is beautiful. It is a wondrous journey of adventure, discovery, awareness, self, synergy, learning, growing, experiencing, loving. Life is intelligence. And that is not complicated, only complex and perfect. We are connected to each other, to nature, to the energy force of life and consciousness all around us. Complicated, no. What makes our life complicated is FEAR.  Fear is the #1 source of complication.  Our fear may also take the shape of many forms: dishonesty, self-defeating ideas.  We are not born with all of this limiting fear. Remember when you were a kid?  Was life complicated back then?  Of course, we had less responsibility.  But all of our adult complications were created by years of social conditioning.  

We become complicated by fear and by false truths. What we tell ourselves, what we don’t say, and what we fear are what make our life “complicated”.

The refusal to let something or someone go can also make life complicated. (No, not in the way we let go of someone in death) Letting go of an idea, a thing, a job: This means change.  And change can be scary.  Change should not equal fear. Change is life, it is essential and unavoidable. Our lives are constantly in shift of change, just as our universe is, our world is. The leaves fall every season so we can have rebirth in the spring. Shedding of an old season of our lives, whatever it may be is also essential for rebirth in ourselves. We should not fear change, it should be embraced. Avoiding change because it’s uncomfortable, scary, is what “complicates” our lives. Avoiding a necessary decision because we are afraid of a particular outcome is what makes our lives “complicated”.

When we live in truth, love and without fear, we are not living a complicated life at all, but one that is perfect and harmonious, just as it was meant to be. Always live in truth. Embrace change. Release your fears.  


artist credit: complicated woman by natalie holland


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