The Best Time to Go to Hawaii


When is the best time to go to Hawaii? Traveling to Hawaii isn’t as expensive as you think, if you know when to go.

Hawaii is the perfect destination any time of the year. For a getaway filled with fun, salty air, sunshine, miles of beautiful beaches, tons of outdoor activities and excellent seafood, look no further than America’s farthest reaching destination in the Pacific islands, Hawaii.

People who say “Every day can’t be rainbows and butterflies” has never lived in Hawaii!
I found this out quickly when I visited Oahu for 14 days.

As a beach lover and total gypsy, I’m surprised it took me so many years to get to Hawaii. It is a long way from the mainland and even farther from New England. Plus, a trip to Hawaii can be pretty expensive. But I discovered there are certain times to go that are easier on the pocketbook, and ways to get there that are cheaper than other times of the year. We flew in on Hawaiian Airlines, which was superb in every way. I am not sure if the promo is still going on as I write this or as you read this, but they were offering 50,000 bonus miles if you sign up with Hawaiian Air Mastercard, We came this close to doing it! The awesome part about doing that is you are almost guaranteed to go back to Hawaii the next year!

The Hawaiian Islands

There 8 islands in the Hawaiian islands chain with 4 being the most popular for tourists:

  1. Oahu
  2. Maui
  3. The Big Island (Hawaii)
  4. Kauai
Map shows top Hawaii destinations with airports

These top four islands in Hawaii are popular due to the ease of travel from mainland airports.

When is the best times to go to Hawaii?

Peak season for Hawaii vacations are obviously dictated by what’s going on here in the mainland. So, assume if it’s cold here, Hawaii is probably full of “snowbirds” looking for respite from the cold. So, the BEST time to visit Hawaii is Mid-April through early November.

If you want the best prices and deals on flights and hotels, don’t book for times during holidays and when everyone is on winter vacation. December – Jan. and New Year’s Eve is pricey for hotels and flights.

Summer is the best time for Families.

Spring in Hawaii is the perfect time for me. This is the best time to avoid families on vacay if you are traveling solo, with your partner or a group of adults.  Traveling mid-week is also cheaper for flights. Last minute hotel deals could be OK through Laterooms or Expedia, but expect to possibly get a hotel room that may not be as ideal as you’d expect.

Most hawaii hotels are in the price range of 100-120 per night but I have discovered if you book your flight and hotel together as a package through Expedia, you will get a much better deal.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve – Honolulu, HI

As far as the cheapest month to travel to Hawaii, there are two specific time periods, which are considered Hawaii’s low season. The first is in the spring, from Easter break until mid- June.


What does it cost to go to Hawaii? An average 7-day trip to Hawaii  (flight and hotel through Expedia to Waikiki) is app. $2,400 p/p in the low season.

I went in Oahu in November and it was still as gorgeous as ever but it was a bit crowded and a lot of holiday festivities were taking place. Peak (or High) season is in the winter months.

Note: “Golden Week,” is held the last week of April, so a lot of tourists from Japan will be on the island!  The other part of the low season is September through mid-December.

HOTEL TIP: If you are military, there are a lot of great options for hotels or cottage rentals on some of the bases right next to beautiful beaches. One of my favorites was in Waimanalo at Bellows

The drive up the eastern portion of Oahu island is absolutely breathtaking. Make sure you take a moment to stop along any of the roadside parks or scenic outlooks for photos!


The Weather

No matter what time of year you go to Hawaii, it’s always warm enough to wear dresses and lightweight shirts and shorts.


It does rain every day in Hawaii (it’s a tropical island, after all) but it does tend to be a little more cloudy, and rain more in the Spring, Fall and Winter months than in the Summer.

So keep this in mind and pack accordingly. Most Hawaiians don’t really care about the rain. It’s generally a very light mist of sorts and you won’t see very many people fretting about it. We didn’t even see many umbrellas, although I would recommend bringing a small one you can store away in your backpack or purse.

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The Best Time to Book Your Hawaii Vacation

(The cheapest time to fly to Hawaii)

Cheap flights and hotels for Hawaii are easily attainable when you book early (a year in advance is recommended) and book a trip for the early Spring or Fall-Winter months. If you can swing it, October and early November is pretty warm, so it will be a great time of the year for you to get away and soak in some sun and sand. This was the perfect time of year for us since it was getting colder in New England. A nice, sunny destination was just what we needed to make it through the rest of Winter!


The Best Hawaii Travel Books:


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